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What People Say?

“ Sometimes packages delivered to my house are lost with no idea what happened. That’s why I bought the camera. Guess what? I haven’t lost anything since then. And it will protect my family from break-ins. That’s a big win for me.”
Frank Jones
From Singapore
" We received this item yesterday and installed it today: it is easy to install, and got peace of mind whenever we're at work or away from home. Better yet, we are feeling more securer since we got real-time monitoring at our entrance - We can real-time see and talk through the video-speaker system. Until now, we are happy with the purchase and highly recommend it to others, best bang for the buck."
Jack Brownn
From Singapore
“ My sister and her husband got me this camera for my birthday. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. I’m not a techy person. Installation was super simple, even WiFi! Very clear video. Waterproof. I mounted it on the wall next to my front door with a nice bird’s eye view. Love it!”
Kelvin Black
From Singapore
“ I purchased two such cameras for monitoring my home during the summer. Birds tend to nest close-by, which is why I am replacing an older camera. So, it has only alerted me to people arriving at my door. I feel satisfied so far with the camera’s performance.”
Zasha Swan
From Australia
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